Special Second Sunday of May

Every second Sunday of May is supposedly a joyous occasion that almost every family would look forward to because it is Mother’s Day. However, Mother’s Day celebration will not be the same this year due to the pandemic that is ongoing in the world right now. All of our hearts at NATbyJ go out to the patients who have been diagnosed with the Covid-19, individuals who have been retrenchment, families that are apart and lastly, healthcare workers who has been working endlessly to save the priceless lives of many. The loss of loved ones during this pandemic sends a reminder to all of us to appreciate our mothers, show our love towards them and we at NATbyJ want to celebrate Mother’s Day together with you! We believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that things can only get better. Start encouraging more positive vibes and spend time with the most important person in our lives – our mothers.

Some virtues a mother should possess would be patience together with kindness. Teaching your children, the importance of kindness and patience goes a long way as it would develop a strong sense of empathy within them as they grow along the way. For many people, regardless of age, patience is a lost art form and kindness from people seems to be rarer by the day.  For this Mother’s Day, we want to introduce the NATbyJ Dazzle 0201 Collection to all you ladies and gentlemen out there.

It is known that the flower language of carnation symbolizes pride and beauty, while the different colours of carnations hold different meanings. A red one symbolizes love and price; pink symbolizes love of a woman or mother; purple symbolizes capriciousness; while a white one symbolizes innocence and pure love. People commonly get a pink carnation for their mother or partner due to what it symbolizes. Hence, we have decided to use a purple carnation, which holds a slightly more unique meaning to it as opposed to the other colors of carnation. Receiving a purple carnation may signify as a reminder to be less harsh in general, which can be pretty relatable for a Mother when she is angry!

With the Dazzle 0201 Collection¸ we want to remind every Mother and family out there that not everyone has the luxury to celebrate a family day like this together, so always make sure to make your everyday an unforgettable masterpiece! The design of this watch features a sparkling crystal dust embellished with an eye-catching purple carnation flower then paired with a black genuine leather strap, giving off the final touch of what a classy and sophisticated lady should be wearing on her wrist.

We want to spread joy with the encouragement and story every collection brings and have to tell together with all the dearest audience of NATbyJ! So, wait no more, hurry up and clinch this exquisite looking timepiece as a timely gift for yourself, or the other beautiful women that exists in your life today!

Lastly, here is to all the beautiful Mothers out there, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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