Summer Fashion Edition 2022: What to wear in Summer?

Sun’s Out, Fun’s OUT!
Here are NatbyJ’s top picks for summer fashion 2022!

1. Babydoll Summer Dresses

Babydoll dresses are trending this summer of 2022! In the scorching heat, a babydoll dress is ideal for a casual day out for brunch, but also dressed up for a day in the city!

Credit: Aritzia

2. Y2K Sunglasses

Y2K sunnies are the hottest summer accessories right now! Rectangular frames in a range of colours can be seen on every IG story across the world.

Credit: Pinterest

3. NatbyJ Watch

A rose gold watch with leather straps? What better way to style up a summer outfit than with a NatbyJ watch? Our Dream collection is definitely a summer essential!

NATbyJ Dream 0307 Watch

4. Claw Clips

Hair ties giving you dents in your straightened hair? Claw clips are now the next new hair fad, coming in designs like pearl, to fluffy faux fur ones!

Credit: Pinterest

5. Long Denim Shorts

Short shorts are out, long shorts are in! A more modest version of denim shorts that you can wear out to the beach or farmer’s market, living that hot girl summer!

Credit: Pinterest

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