Summer of Japan - Tokyo

Japan, a country that is located near the eastern coast of the Asian Continent. Japan is famous for its traditional arts, shrines and temples, and its amazing history! There are so many cities in Japan that is worth visiting but first, Tokyo should be your first stop with it being the capital city of Japan and most modern urban life happens there. Asides from the tasty food Tokyo has to offer, Tokyo is also famous for being a shopping district for most travelers. Tokyo have their famous Shibuya Crossing, where many people love to clock their cool tourist shot in. It is one of the world’s busiest crossing and the view of the pedestrians crossing from all directions when the traffic lights turn green is simply breathtaking, nothing could beat that! Japan is known for its ‘Kawaii – otherwise known as cute’ culture and animal cafes in Tokyo are not to be missed! Owl café is a rising popular place to visit due to the several types of owls that they have! It is uncommon to see owls in real life but in Tokyo, not only can you see them, you could touch them and take a photo for keepsake too! Asides from the rare owls, there are also cute hedgehogs you can interact with.

There is also the famous Ghibli Museum, where the art and technique of animation is featured. It is for fans of Studio Ghibli so that they get to explore what goes down during the animation. Studio Ghibli is a famous animation studio that has many popular films such as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and many more! However, the museum is only open to visitors who booked their tickets in advance as door sales are not applicable, so remember to get your tickets online before heading down!

There are no better months to go on a holiday than June to August where most holidays lie on. Also, since it marks the end of Q2 and the first half of the year, all the more you should take time off to heal your soul and treat yourself to a laidback holiday! Summer lies on June to August, with its temperature ranging from as low as 19 Degree Celsius to 31 Degree Celsius! NATbyJ is back with their trendy fashion tips, most appropriate and best for the country and time of visit!

Japan is known to be a very conservative country and showing too much skin is always being frowned on. It is important to not show too much skin and since Japan has a lot of shrines and temple, it is best to always wear something covered and not too short for the bottoms.



There are misconceptions that covered tops are too lame and that it is so hard to create cute outfits with them, and we’re here to change that conception! Long sleeved tops can be cute as well when paired correctly. Chiffon long sleeved tops are one of the trendier looks in the world nowadays and wearing a chiffon long sleeved top, with a cute skirt would be the way to go! It is a look that is bound to make heads turn while ensuring that you stay appropriate in the country. The concept is generally a simple one, with a white top and a dark coloured bottom like black or grey. To complete the look, you can simply grab a crossbody bag with chain, preferably in black so it gives off the young vibe when put beside the outfit.

This entire outfit concept screams simple and we don’t want to have too many unnecessary accessories dangling around. To complete the look, it is the safest to go with a neutral coloured watch. The NATbyJ Unpretentious 0109 is a perfect fit for this outfit due to its simplicity yet elegant design of the watch.

The Unpretentious 0109 is a minimalist watch that has embossed hour markers on it on a white leather dial and paired with a light brown genuine leather strap. This would sit well beside the white chiffon top and a black chained bag. The outfit idea is portrayed youth and shouting for life, and there is not better watch that could complement it as well our Unpretentious could! Click here for more details on the watch!

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