Tips for Best Dating Profile Pictures for Women

True love is the hardest thing to find but finding love in the times of Covid-19? It’s much harder because events are cancelled and that lowers your chance of meeting your potential other half in person! This has forced singles to search for their potential soulmates on dating sites - so how do you make your dating app profile stand out from the crowd? Good profile pictures!

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Before we start beautifying your profile, we highly recommend you to use Bumble dating app! Bumble is a more comprehensive dating app with outstanding features and women make the first move! Most importantly, Bumble makes it safe and inclusive such as no pictures in bikinis, no kids without a gaurdian, no guns and RESPECT one another. Another plus point is that Bumble is LGBTQ+ friendly!

1. Avoid selfies

Yes, be the main thing in the shot but you don’t want to have your face blown up on someone screen! Try to include at least one full length body shot, so they can see how tall or short you are. Many times, dating site users will exclude full body shots and you don’t want your date to be shocked!

2. Avoid group pictures

Your BFF may be the most important thing in your life but please don’t include photos taken with them. Afterall, you don’t want the guy to be looking at the wrong girl while developing a connection with him!

3. Dress properly and beautifully

Wear an outfit that showcases your personality like how you would dress when hanging out in a mall with friends, just be casual and confident. Always add a pop of colour to attract their attention such as yellow or gold!

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4. Show them your interests!

Love taking Pilates class over the weekend? Then upload a picture of you doing Pilates! It’s always good to share your hobbies and you'd find something common to do on your first-date!

5. Pose for the camera

You don’t need supermodel skills to pose for your Bumble profile pictures, all you need is confidence!

6. Show your beautiful face and smile

Men don’t have X-ray eyes to see what’s behind that mask, so please don’t take pictures with your surgical mask and remove those sunglasses! Afterall, the eyes are the windows to the soul!

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