Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas 2021

The Month of Love is here - Happy Valentine’s Day! It is the time of the year that we always look forward to that bouquet of roses and that romantic candle-light dinner that fills the night with love. To prepare for this special day, this question will bug us - “what do I wear for Valentine’s Day?”


So to help, we’ve rounded up the top 3 Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas that would fit any date you have planned for and it’s the latest fashion trends for 2021!

1. Trench Coat

If you’re planning for outdoor dining this winter, we will bring back the 60s fashion trench coat, from large fold-out collars to plaid trench coats. We absolutely love this because you can wear anything with it and still look fashionable without trying too hard! Rock it off with a bodycon dress and pair it with the NATbyJ Unity 0805 watch in white to soften the whole look.

NATbyJ Unity Collection

The NATbyJ Unity watch comes in 5 different colours and the dial is beautifully carved with delicate floral design that will attract love easily. 

2. Shoulder Padded T-shirts

Yes, shoulder pads may seem old-fashioned if you dressed like the 80s woman who wore a Power Suit - maxi shoulders pad suit + maxi skirt! What we’re talking about is the white muscle t-shirt with shoulder pads that is seen all over Instagram and creates this hourglass shape. Throw on a pair of mom jeans and accessories your look with a statement piece like the NATbyJ Unpretentious 0106 watch. The yellow genuine leather strap will strike in the chic look without overwhelming it. 

3. Modern Athleisure (Office Approved)

Athleisure apparels are worn at the gym or even at the workplace which is very versatile but can sometimes be deemed as lazy. However, take it up a notch and casual athleisure can be transformed into modern chich athleisure which is fashionable and date night approved! Dress up your black bike shorts with an oversized boyfriend blazer, accessorize with NATbyJ Unpretentious 0101 watch in black and throw on a pair of high heels to make your leg look long and sexy!

NATbyJ Upretentious Watch Collection

The NATbyJ Unpretentious watch comes in 6 different colours which is dedicated to fashion accessory lovers who love a simple yet versatile timepiece.

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