Ways to Stay Busy with Your Family

Here are some fun things to do at home + family bonding!

1. Spring Cleaning

With the lockdown, we’re spending more time indoors. Why not make your home a much more comfortable place! Turn on some high energy music, put on your gloves and start cleaning! There is just something satisfying about getting out some hard stains or decluttering like Marie Kondo!

2. Baking #quarantinebaking

Bakeries are temporarily closed? Craving for sweet cakes? You should try baking and keep yourself occupied! Other than the usual brownies, we have pulled together a few recipes that are easy and quick to bake for beginners!

3. Games

Being indoors doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have fun! You can play board games with your family like Monopoly, Scrabbles and many more. Alternatively, if you don’t own any board games, you can play games on the Houseparty App on your mobile or desktop! Playing games on apps are also a great way to stay connected with friends from different households.

4. Binge watch Drama (or Movie Marathon)

Still have plenty of time? Why not binge watch Netflix because there's an endless array of shows available on Netflix! Not only has Netflix been able to release new and original content, they have put on classics that are always nice to watch the re-runs.

Here’s some of our favourite Netflix dramas:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Money Heist
  • Lucifer
  • The Umbrella Academy
5. Create TIKTOK videos

TikTok is a new way to bond with their families FOR HOURS, you can either watch or create videos to become TikTok famous overnight. Pick a challenge and do it with friends or family for some fun!

Here’s some of our favorite fashion challenges to try:
  • “Don’t Rush” challenge started off with participants showing off their natural looks before dressing up into their best look #DontRushChallenge

  • #QuarantinePilowChallege All you need is a pillow and a belt to secure the pillow into a strapless “dress”. However, it may seem too plain, so add some unexpected flashes of colour to make it look fabulous. We would recommend NATbyJ Unpretentious 0102 Watch in blue which is minimalist yet it will add a pop of color to your pillow! 


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