Yellow Virgo!

V for Vigilant, I for Indispensable, R for Relevant, G for Graceful, O for Optimistic, and no one but a Virgo would fit best into this description. Virgo are always looking out for the smallest details in the things they do and they’re one of the most meticulous zodiac signs. Virgos are often misunderstood due to the lack of speaking up and inability to regard their feelings as something relevant. Despite so, Virgos still maintain their caring heart and the tendency to want to look out for others regardless. However, when overly disappointed, people may find Virgos leaving the situation because of how practical and realistic they are by nature. Virgos have a mutable quality and they often rather a combination of both beginnings and ends to the occurrence they experience in life.


Yellow is a Virgo’s colour and our NATbyJ First Love 0606 is a perfect piece for our Virgo ladies out there. First love talks about how Love in nature is undefined, but yet is what defines us. This watch has a delicate design with tiny peals on the Daffodil flower bouquet on the dial which reflects the meticulousness of a Virgo. Not to mention how the timepiece is paired with a beautiful yellow genuine leather strap with a stainless-steel case.

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